Question about App Inventor on IOS

Hello everyone, I created an Android application using App Inventor, and it's working perfectly. Now, I want to test it on iOS. I know that some things I use, like extensions, won't work, but I can adapt. Initially, I just copied the .aia file and uploaded it to App Inventor for iOS. I went through the entire configuration process to test it on an iPhone. However, I noticed something strange: it doesn't respect the dimensions I apply in the visual design. For example, if I set an image width to 80%, on iOS, it covers 100% of the screen, just like Text Inputs and Buttons. So, I created a page from scratch to see if it wasn't a bug in the .aia transfer, but the same issue persists in this test page. This is my first time developing in No Code for iOS, and I'm wondering, is this normal, or do I need to do something to fix these dimensions?

Android :


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Post the aia or (a small test aia).

It is not normal. But the AI2 at the current time for iOS is in beta-tester level upgrade. For the responsive problems (automatic and fill-parents). I solved it asking if you are in iOS plataform then write a procedere with fix dimmensions for the detected problems on iPhone (normaly hight).

My test has no blocks, only the visual elements, but is the issue related to the iPhone I am using? It's an iPhone 7 with version 15.8.

Here is the file of my .aia.
App_Safepay_Vendas_IOS.aia (75.3 KB)

yes, may be issue with your phone,
All sizes works fine,

Full screen

3/4 screen


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Oh, I figured, but I don't have another phone to test, and my laptop can't handle emulating a cellphone. I'll see if I can get another one. Thank you!

Tested on iPhone 6s, iOS 15.8

Are you using this server: ?
The Builder and Companion are not compatible with all the servers.

Yes, the server is the same. I still don't understand the reason for this error.

This server should only be used for building IPAs (and this is only reserved for those who have been approved as testers by MIT and who also have a (paid) Apple Developer account).

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Wait a moment, do I need to be approved by App Inventor to use this server? And how do I do that?

Did you pay the $99 annual fee for an Apple Developer account? This is the basic requirement for being able to create an IPA (i.e. being able to access/use the build server).