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Hello, i was wondering is there a way to create a right join of two google sheet tables?
I have 1 screen that shows a list of elderly residents, by clicking on the list it will bring you another page that will show the individual's personal info which is in a elder data sheet. In that page there will be a list view for appointments that will be connected to another sheet known for their doctors appointment. is there a way to connect the two sheets where both tables have the a common value of the resident's name?

Suggest a bit of research, this is a google sheets question, not AI2....

If you can download both sheets into tables via CSV, here is an equijoin filter ...

select_where_equijoin.aia (11.7 KB)
All the blocks images are draggable directly into the Blocks Editor.EQUALS


These are 2 seperate Google Sheets

This is the Android app output

Both sheets are connected by a Column having the Sr Citizen's Name.When click a Name in ListView1(showing u names of all the registered Sr Citizens), it looks for all records of the same name in the 2nd Google Sheet and displays the appointments in ListView2.

I dont know if this is something like what you are trying to do.

yess that's exactly what I need, I couldn't find a video on right joins or any type of joins for google sheet so I tried a different way. It works but the output does not show in one single row for each appointment. Can someone help?

this is how the output looks like:

these are the blocks:

you may consider sharing your project .aia file and also explain the entire flow of data,and most important - What is the output u uneed !

ECMS.aia (2.2 MB)

The place you'll need to be searching is the database screen. When running it'll bring you to a list of the residents, once selecting a resident it'll bring you to a personal view layout of the resident just like the above. every data shown above is from a different sheet while the appointment list view will be coming from another sheet of information.

The block codes will be in the far right bottom, for the output. I just want something similar to yours. where by clicking the resident, it'll show what appointment the person has.

Where r ur blocks to READ from the Google Sheets????
U r using firebase for registration and login??
Where r these appointments being written??
There is no WebWrite or WebRead ! No Google Sheet Components in the app code blocks !

You are in the wrong screen.

I think you got the wrong screen but it's okay, I tried your method through your aia file. Thank you so much, it worked out just fine

:+1: I kept the linking from the 2 seperate google sheets very simple and basic .... hope it works out for u

Now how do I clear out the list view after recent searches?

this is how it looks like right now after I edited some of the spacing to make it look nicer, it just adds to the past searches I had:

You are Setting ListViewElements from a Globat List

Option 1. Set ListView to Create Empty List when u want to clear it up
Option 2. Set the Global List to Create Empty List.

As it is the Global List will get values when u are calling WebRead Got Text and assigning the Global List from responseContent.

Here I am assigning the WebRead Got Text responseContent to GlobalList1
From GlobalList1 I am creating globalList2
I am clearing up globalList2 to refresh it
because when I go to that screen again, global list2 will again get the values as per my filter from Global List 1

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