Query regarding GSoC 2022 project "Implement AR components"

Hi @MIT,

I want to participate GSoC 2022 as a student and want to contribute to one the project listed on official idea list which is published by MIT team, and my project idea is Implement AR components. But I am little bit confused regarding time line of the project.

As @Susan_Lane mentioned in pinned topic "GSoC 2022 is open for proposal" MIT will be accepting projects in the STANDARD 12-WEEK SCHEDULE.

so, can anyone explain me bit more about this conflict b/w 350 hours mentioned on idea list and proposal will be accepting in the STANDARD 12-WEEK SCHEDULE?

The official GSoC '22 timeline is from May 20 to November 28. which is around 6 months. I am also confused regarding same. I am also confused whether the gsoc is for 12 weeks (3 months) or 6 months long?


The GSoC 2022 is officially 12 week program but in case if project is long then you can discuss with mentor and extend the time of the project.

ok got it. and the community bonding period is not part of 12 week period right?

yes, the community bonding time is not a part of the project.

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alright got it thanks

Google is open this year to non-students, and they're offering alternative schedule options with that in mind. The start and end dates for proposed work can be spread out over a 6 month time period. I believe the 12 summer weeks are still the default, and Google needs to be notified of alternative schedules so that they know when to expect evaluations and when to issue money.

None of the schedule options affect the number of hours worked. The projects are either 350 hours (the traditional size) or 175 (small). A longer schedule just means fewer hours worked per day.

MIT App Inventor is on an academic schedule, so the team needs to keep our GSoC mentoring commitments to the 12 weeks of summer for our own schedule. Therefore, though Google offers other timeline options, MIT App Inventor can only take proposals on the traditional 12-week schedule.

Is that clearer?

Okay it is little bit clear, so for the 350 hours project we need to do more work per day right?

Yes, GSoC is open for everyone but there are two types of projects Google mentioned on their website one is small project with 12 week time and one is large around 24 25 week.

And evaluation rules and stipend rules and dates are different for both projects.

Exactly. 350 hours is a full-time commitment for the summer. 175 is a half-time commitment, though the time doesn't have to be evenly distributed. For example, we can accommodate time off in the middle of the schedule for other commitments, so long as the hours are made up at some other point in the timeline.

The payment you receive from Google will be based on the number of hours you work, so 175-hour projects receive half the amount as the 350-hour projects.

Last year was the first year Google supported 175-hour projects. Our experience with projects of that size was very good. The 175-hour projects from last year finished more polished and have been easier for us to merge. This is the first time we've had a choice, so we don't know how the decision will work, but we may lean toward the 175-hour projects. Don't feel that a proposal has to be 350-hours to be taken seriously.

This is not my understanding. The timeline and the number of hours are not connected. The stipend is connected to the number of hours.

350-hour projects were completed over 12 weeks during all previous GSoCs, and Google has made clear that this schedule is supported this year.

This is very new to all of us and confusing. We're figuring things out over here as well.

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@Susan_Lane thanks you for your support.

So finally the project hours are not depend upon week, I need to complete 350 hours in 12 weeks if I select large project?

And 175 hours in 12 weeks if i select small project?

Am I right or still I am missing something?

This is correct. We can take projects of either size, but they need to be completed during the summer.

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I changed the language on the announcement to read:

"This year, Summer of Code is accepting projects in two sizes: the traditional 350 hour and the smaller 175 size from last year. They also offer flexible timeline options. We will be accepting projects to be COMPLETED DURING THE SUMMER. We can't accept projects for the longer timelines Google introduced this year."

I hope that is clearer for everyone.

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