Query About Lists in TinyDB

When storing a list in TinyDB, how can I remove the square brackets and quotation marks when I'm displaying the strings in TinyDB?

Use list blocks to select items.

Or use text manipulation blocks (replacement) to remove text elements.

What I mean to say is when I view a list through TinyDB, the list looks like this: ["element1", "element2"]. How can I make it look like this: element1, element2?

As I said:

Use list blocks to select items.

Or use text manipulation blocks (replacement) to remove text elements.

Here are three methods, all returning:

The easiest way is like this:

blocks (63)


I always forget about that one :wink:

I guess this block is not long in AI2?

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It has been there for a couple of years....old habits die hard.....

To display lists, there many ways. you can display them in labels the way @Patryk_F said or you can use a simple listview to do that too.

No, it was added after the nb175b release.


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which is a couple of years - give or take :slight_smile:

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Since when has one year and a half been a couple of years?
Maybe it's because of my poor knowledge of English (it definitely isn't in Germany). :wink:

Well it wouldn't be, would it :smiley:
(the reason why the german automotive industry is still going strong, and the British automotive industry has died :smiley: )

You are quite correct, though

Couple is used when referring to two things, as in "a couple of days ago," whereas few and several are less specific. Few means "not many but some," as in "The train leaves in a few minutes," and several denotes more than the words couple and few do but implies lesser than the word many does.

I might have got away with a few, but not some, and couple is too many :smiley:

My couple refers to at least one year and part of a second year....


@TIMAI2 Well, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are proofreaders, so I always have to be careful how I can phrase something.

Btw, I'm pretty worried about the German automotive industry at the moment.

Some countries do not have an automotive industry. So they have nothing to worry about :upside_down_face:

They might measure/count other things in general terms though....