Query about bluetooth connection to my app inventor

nights/days, I have a good problem. I am new to this programming topic.
I would like to make the water sensor send via bluetooth to my app (app inventor), but it does not send me any data, could someone give me a solution or help.
At first I was planning to try to do it with esp32 lolin32 lite but I couldn't handle the module well so I opted to use the hc-06 but got stuck.

I only need the app to receive the message, I detect water and I don't detect water eje

Here is a simple BlueTooth text receiver sample, for single value per line:
initialize global message to

What board is the HC-06 attached to Jeronimo? Not sure about your Sketch - do you see results on the Serial Monitor?

When using sensors, it's a bad idea to use delay() as everything is stopped, which adversely affects the accuracy of sensors (and could shorten their life too). Instead, use elapsed milliseconds.

Do not send a sentence to your app - just send an integer: 1 = water detected; 0 = water not detected.