Query 2 or more parameters

good night guyz !

How to put two or more parameters in the query and in the blocks? I got it with 1 but with 2 I don't know.


From the photo, you ARE querying with 2 parameters.

well, you could replace your text SP for example by another Textbox2.Text...


This sample Filter = BA ... hes give me SP the query is not bringing the result with the SP filter

Taifun sql return dont filter second parameter

Try your query in a web browser. . Does it work there? Does it work in phpadmin?


I can't understand, I run the application it doesn't work, I come back after two hours the same application works! do you believe? cache ? Taifun, how can I search inside a ColinTreeListView for a certain result? because it brings me more than 1300 records