QRcodescanner and sheet

hi, sorry if I have wrong where post my question…
I have seen this tutorial and i would like try to make the same project, I have make the same steps but it doesen’t work for me, can you help me please?

this is the link to the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuH-GBynC8U
my block project:

and this is the script:

Didn’t you see the link to the entire Project.

You might be able to use that to debug your project. The link also contains some ‘help’ statements and advice.

You said ‘it doesen’t work for me,’ a guess is you built your Spreadsheet, put it on GoogleDrive but failed to make the spreadsheet Shareable.


Sorry for my question it wasn’t accurately.
Yes I have bulit my spreadsheet in google drive and I have pasted the link in the script, after I have paste the link of script generated from google in the block on AI2.
But when I try to scan a QRCode the app don’t send the info of QRCode in spreadsheet.

Try formResponse approach to upload data to Google Sheets. Then you do not need and Google App Scripts !.
It is simpler !

There are several different methods for uploading data to google sheets, you should advise on all....

Also this topic is five months old!