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I made it with reference to https://youtu.be/hynTBp-3toQ, but when I QRScan with the completed app, only the html source that is registered in Google Drive is displayed, and inTime is not reflected in the sheet.

  1. Creating backend using app script & Sheets. Can be displayed without any problem.
  2. Building an Android app using App Inventor. The content of this part is made in exactly the same way, but the problem part cannot be identified.
    Does anyone know?

Please post in English..

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Have you correctly updated your apps script to a new version after changes?

Show the content of the html source, this will usually give an indication of where to problem lies in your script.

Scripts and all no need..

If you show what you want to print in the gsheet it will be easy to proceed

really? How will you get the data into the sheet ?

I mean the scripts mentioned in that video.

You are master in that

We use,

  1. set URL to ....
  2. Post text
    a. Date and time
    b. Name label text
    c. Any other..

Did you correctly update the Apps script to the new version after the change?
Does that mean Google AppScript? I did it with the latest version, but what is an update?

This is for the new script editor, the method is similar for the legacy editor

1 Open the script project
2 Click Deploy
3 New Deployment
4 Type is web app
5 Execute as: your google account address (email)
6 Who has access: Anyone
7 Press the Deploy button

You have to do this EVERY TIME you change your script

Be aware, the new google apps script editor may create a new script url when you update your script code and create a new deployment, you will need to copy this over to your app.

Is the Google account address (email) part useless for the accessing users (all)?

I create a google form and as per the form i used in my app as bellow..

No scripts needed

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Each to their own, a script may not be needed, but a google form and all the additional setup is :wink:

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may be, in my point of view i feel this method is simple(for me), and even i no need to add date and time and all. Since i linked google form, auto time will generate. ..

When you deploy the web app, you need to give the app your google account to "run" the script, and then permission to anyone to run the web app as "you". Otherwise all users would need a google account and have to sign in and authenticate to use the web app (not good!)

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Thank you for your wonderful answer. I was having a hard time with just this.

Is that the app you just pasted the image into?

yes of course..

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I want to see the whole picture of the app

Thank you very much

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