Qr : Read and Create Qr/Bar Code offline

Yes, I saw that you stated that the file path must be absolute. I did as in the example you gave below, but it didn't work, so I asked and I don't understand why you are angry.

Not sure what should I say.

I was trying another method here, that's why I posted this, I already tried the example you gave.

Post an example aia demonstrating your issue. Aia must be of AI2.

I downloaded the aia file you gave in the kodular community and tried to do it from there but it didn't work.
In the block in the picture you showed me, the file location is written as "/qr.png" because the GenerateBarCode block was like this in your aia file:
This is what I did for this reason.

You could have checked extension version present in aia which you downloaded from Kodular Community.
I usually don't update aia files unless there are breaking changes or parameter changes.
However, I clearly mentioned file path changes in ChangeLog.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't pay attention to ChangesLog, please forgive me.

Please forgive me.


I have a problem with my test app.

It works using companion, but when building the apk the error occurs: [RunD8] ERROR: d8 failed.

Where could the error be?

Qr.aia (752.6 KB)


Remove BarcodeScanner component.


Thanks for the tip. That's how it works, but it's of no use to me.

I would like to implement both in my app, reading barcodes using a camera and creating barcodes.

What can I do?



I tested a bit more. With QR version 4 the extension works with the barcode component, with QR version 5 there is the error message when creating the apk.

I would like to understand why something like this could happen. Do you have an explanation and would you like to share it with me?


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  • I am using both and I have no problems, even with the "View Scanner" extension (for PDF417).

Android 9

@ Jonathan_Urbina1

I realize that programs and code are never error-free. It was and is not my intention to criticize the extension programmers. On the contrary, I'm happy to use their extensions in my apps. Many thanks to the developers at this point.

Can you please test the Qr.aia in post 99? Is it possible for you to create the apk?


I agree latest version has library conflicts with Barcode Scanner component.

I would suggest to replace Barcode Scanner component with this extension.

I remember @Silver providing a no-deps version.

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I tested a little more.
The combination of extension ScanView version 2.2 and your extension QR version 4 (see post 6) in conjunction with the BarCodeScanner component works together in one app.

For me this is so perfect. Thanks for the tip and your extension.


ChangeLog Version 5.3

  • No external deps required
  • More accurate and faster results
  • Aix sized reduced to 378 Kb
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Hello Sunny.

I want to ask you about a detail of the extension.
I am looking for an extension to read DATA MATRIX codes.
Can i create and read it with this extension?
By the way, i cannot do it with the base QR-Bar scanner. (I can read Bar and QR, but not Data Matrix).

Yes, you should be able to create and read Data Matrix bar codes.

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Thank you Sunny, for been so fast in replying me.
Now i know. I will test your extension!.
Thanks again.