QR extension suddenly stops working - Error 707

What is wrong here? Maybe I should try another extension.
What do you recomend me?

Thank you.

This caused because of the space in My Documents in the path

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Ihave enough free space but yes, something happens with this folder.
It is an empty folder (or I should be Root ) and when I open the Android>Data folder I get the message in blue above.
Translation is:
The contents of this folder will no longer be accessible due to system restrictions introduced by Android R.
Delete your personal files from this folder as soon as possible.

Thank you for reply. Any idea?

The extension tries to create the file in

\storage\emulated\0\Android\data\edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3\files\My Documents\Pictures
but that directory Pictures does not exist.
If you have an Android <10, create the folder Pictures,

Try other extensions to create QR.

He meant, the blank character (" ") between the directory (My Documents); this is a bug. Save the file in another directory that doesn't contain a space in it.

I agree but I wonder why it started failing suddenly? Who or what deleted that folder that belongs to Companion?
I have Android 10 and I created it manually and it doesn't work either.
The blue text in my posted image is striking.
What QR extension do you recomend?
Thank you for your time.

Hi, path is automatically created by the violet block "QRCodeCreater1.CreateQRImage".
I can't change it.
The strange thing is that the extension did not change and it had been working like that for a long time.
Maybe it's something on my device.

You could try this:


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TextToQR block.


It is working perfectly !
Thanks You Juan.

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