Qr code generator

So i have made an qr code generator all aia and apk link is here:

QR_Generator.aia (20.8 KB)

This link sends you to
for the .aia file, with no explanation along the way.

I stopped there because I did not want MediaFire cookies.

Buyer beware.


This file is totally safe

this file is totally safe! Enjoy

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Perhaps upload the aia file here to the forum ?

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ok then i will upload it now

QR_Generator.aia (20.8 KB)

see this

You should give credits to the extension developer....

This looks very much like

Methods QRCodecreater QR_Generator.aia (20.8 KB)

You haven't worked too much with this app :smiley:

I am very new here i have only joined 2days ago

Amigo al instalar la apk aparece este error

, te lo han reportado o sabes cual sea la causa?


See here:



I tried this extension in creating QR-Code in canvass but when I convert the aia to apk it shows an error
Maybe the problem is in my device permission? or in the extension?

which extension? is it this one: https://community.thunkable.com/t/create-qr-code-without-network/24261 you probably better to ask in the thread of that extenion?
unfortunately @GT-Game_and_Tech "forgot" to credit the extension developer...

or are you working with the aia file, which was provided in the first post of this thread?
btw. your screenshot is too small to read anything...


I solved this query by using QRGreenPass in Image but I cannot save in Gallery of my phone. Im still searching for the answer in the other thread.

please do not start multiple threads about the same issue...
thank you


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Woah Very Nice App. EXCELLENT

Hi can you dowload the Qr code generator extra feature (AIX)