QR code generating not working on all phones

My app QR code generating not working on all phones, can anyone suggest why this happing?

You have to give more info then that else it would become a guessing game. Can you share your blocks with us and tell us on which phones it works and on which phones it doesn't work? Especially android versions are important.

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The app screen must make a QR Code of the players notes.

I am currently using Huawei but on my new phone Samsung it does not work.

I have another app with same blocks for the QR code and that app works perfect

If you can, put your .aia project here.

Hi Jacques

...... the devil is in the detail. There could be some optimisation for you code Blocks too.

Hi, thank you for trying to help me out.

I managed to work around it.

The problem I have now is, it work via the mit app inventor companion perfectly but as soon I put the app on my phone it does not work.

Attached see screen shot of what it gives me.

This is because you have denied the permission to access to the external storage.
To solve that problem use-

It worked.. Thank you so much

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