QR and Barcode Scanner wont work together

Hey i just found out when i use extensions like FileTools or QR
BarcodeScanner wont work, i get this error.

I tried with a new project only with BarcodeScanner and it can Compile

any suggestions ?


Here other tests

it seems that QR and BarcodeScanner doesnt work together

Yes, BarcodeScanner together with the QR extension are causing the problem. I think the reason is that they use the same library. What do you think @vknow360

how can i use both events ?

Is one Extension using a more up-to-date version of the library than the other?

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Can you use one of them on a seperate Screen?

Isn't this extension capable of reading both QR and Barcodes?

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the thing is in my main app works the generator with filetools and qr but honestly idk which version that is...
if i add the barcode component im not able to compaile the file.

other screen showing the same issue.

well seems it was the updated file ^^

Yes that's the reason.
But now Qr extension does not need Barcode Scanner deps.

you mean permission to phone storage ?

No you misunderstood.
Earlier it was necessary to drag a barcode scanner component to make extension work but now it is not necessary.
However, if used together then app will not compile.

okay i used both components and it worked, did i do something different?

i just updated your QR file

Did it run successfully?

yes it run successfully on my phone, with all these components.
compile was no problem after i updated the QR file.
but for first time use i need to enable permission to camera when i use scanner, uhm but well this is not the problem...

I need to use scanview and qrcode offline. I have already tried the library of some default qrcodes and those of some that publish in pure life but are not compatible with scan view. Should I use w360 qr !? Does anyone have that aix !?

I gave you a solution in your topic. If you are using a QR code generator with the zxing library built in, the code scanner must be without this library, or vice versa. Also use a code generator, e.g. QR by vknow360 and SkanView in a version without a library.
You also received a link to the QR extension in your topic. The extension is on github and you need to download it from there.

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How did you get the library out of an extension?
But now im consult w360 qr in my apk i not finish yet

If you are asking for the SkanView extension, then nothing needs to be done. There are two versions of this extension. One with the library, the other without. You must download and use this version without the library.

Usually when aix downloaded I do it from a page directly and not from github which I don't understand much so in the aix file I don't realize if it has a library