Put two images between numbers

How can I put two symbols between numbers in order to display the number between these two symbols in Textbox
like this: leftSentenceMarker 2 rightSentenceMarker

TextBox can not support image as a input, you can only use text in TextBox.

If you want to put text between images then i suggest you to do this as following ways...

Create one horizontal arrangement add IMG1 then Label or TextBox then again IMG2.

The closest thing to an image you can put in a textbox is an emoji.


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@Osama_Sayar you can use this extension to convert the image to emoji in the app

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Or you have an arrangement with a background image and a textbox with the same width and then put a character in the center of the textbox.

yes. emoji or symbol

Can you please convert these two images to emjoi for me because I don't know how to convert them to emjoi. I put the images in aia
testtt.aia (34.4 KB)

You can do it, as @Peter suggested

testtt_1.aia (34.1 KB)



Read the docs and demo blocks for the extension and try to do it yourself.

But If you really want It, then here you are

aia file : testtt.aia
blocks (draggle) :

you don't have to upload the images; you just put a URL for the image (if using the extension)

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