Put the app in fullscreen

I want to put the app in full screen, more than only hide the statut bar.

Do you know any methods if they exist ?

Check the Screen1 Attributes for a couple of check boxes you can turn off.

Yes I did, but even with all off, there is still a black bar on top of the screen.

Do you think it depends of the model of the phone ?

including this one?


All off : TitleVisible is off, ShowStatusBar is off, ShowListAsJason too ...

I think it's maybe because my front camera is in the middle of the top of the screen but I don't believe in it.
So any ideas ?

Ah yes, newer phones with the front camera "in the screen" require a bit more work. You may need an extension that handles this, even then, there is often some strange behaviour displayed....


Try the tools extension and its HideSystemUI method, see also the example project there


Doesn't work, like @TIMAI2 said it's cause of newer phones :frowning:
The extension can change the screen parameters but not go over the problem