Put text above a canvas?


Can we put text above the canva and modify it according to the lines made on the canvas?

Explain how lines on a canvas will modify the text (above the canvas, or at the top of the canvas ?)

Like a FrameLayout in Android,
So, I want the text above the canva (or below because canva doesn't have image or background)

I want to overlap the elements
If possible without extension

Do you mean like this?


yes and canva can be use.
It's possible ?


ty, so how ?

canvasFrameLayout.aia (1.2 KB)

You will see I actually placed some labels above the canvas, will this work for you ?

No, here you set the background color as the same of the canva
It's not above.

For example, I put text below the canvas but canvas.backgroundcolor=none. So I can use the canva but we only see the text.

Look my paint :

Does it really have to be a Canvas behind the text?

Use the Canvas block to make a picture of its contents, and set an Arrangement's background image to that picture. Position your components inside the Arrangement, and don't show the Canvas itself.

Ok, I need to use the canvas to swip for example.
But when you swip, the text change and I want it above or behin the canvad

It's possible ?
Like texts don't have the same size and can break the arrangement

The recently updated ListView component has an option to scroll left-right by swiping.
If that's all you need, try it.