Push Notification problem

I tried one signal for push notification but it is not working . It shows missing android support library. I want to use push notification to send message to all my users.
Please, send any solution hurry

any link to the extension? are you using this one?

if yes, then the extension developer @Jarlissonlira2 has to upgrade the app to use AndroidX libraries now for API 29


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Do you mean this extension can not use in AI2?

exactly, because


Any updates from @Jarlissonlira2 ?

I tried that ext and I get the same error.

Desperately in need to receive push notification via onsignal or any other way possible.

Thank you,


Extension directory. Look for another extension with notifications.


I tried Taifun. It doesnt show a property box to enter onesignal App ID. Have you tried his ?

for this you have to wait for an update or use Kodular (however if Kodular will update to AndroidX, then the extension also will not work there anymore)

it seems to be, you are talking about the Alarmmanager extension with notification? This is something different and will not help you with One Signal

you might want elaborate, what exactly you are trying to do, so probably we can suggest alternatives...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Just trying to alert my app when a new message arrives and it needs to be displayed on the screen.

Message arrives on the server side and app must display on screen.

Taifun, unless i downloaded Alarmmamager by mistake but i downloaded your push notification aix. On designer view only 1 property could be set but it was disabled-collapses. I will check again in 30 mins.

I will check kudular too.

As a last resource i will try sms and your reader to receive messages from the server.

Thank you

sorry, I do not know, what you are talking about... the alarmmanager extension is a paid exension, so you can't download it from somewhere... also as already said it will not help you in your case...


I am not using alarmmanager.

Where do I enter my App ID ?


Carlos Bieberach


ok, as we can see from your screenshot you are trying the notification listener extension...
well, it seems to be, there is much confusion around...
what about first reading, what that extension is about?

Notification Listener Extension to listen to all notifications of your device.

this however is not what you want...
remember: you want to send a notification to the device after a message arrives on the server side

I currently do not have another suggestion for you to solve it...


You are correct. I read your description and now I understand your extension.

Thank you.

Will the Push Notification extension display a notification even when the application is closed?


Ooh, I didn't know we could. Maybe some extension developer would make this extension compatible with androidX. The source is open source and the author allows all modifications and sharing. I would have changed but unfortunately I can't :smiley: .

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Today I'm testing this extension.

This is my first time playing and I don't know how it works yet. However, I am not getting any error.