Pulsante chiama ora

Vorrei inserire sulla mia app un pulsante dove, se spinto mi avvia una chiamata ad un determinato numero

Hello David

Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you have not had a run through the tutorials?


In the Designer, select a 'Horizontal Arrangement' from the Layout palette, size it in the Designer Attributes palette (98% wide, 12% high).

From the User Interface palette, drag a 'button' component into the Horizontal Arrangement. Edit as required via the palette.

From the Social palette, drag a 'Phone Call' component into the designer (this is not visible in the App GUI).

In the Blocks work space, select the Button from the Blocks palette and from the slide-out menu drag the 'Button .Click' block into the work area.

Similarly, select the 'set Phone Call .Phone Number' block and attach it to the button click block, then drag out a maths block:
attaching it to the '.Phone Number' block. Insert the specific phone number you require.

Returning to the Phone Call palette, drag out a 'Make Phone Call' block and add that to the 'Button Click' block.


For lots of tips and tricks, including how to build your App GUI, see my website:


Thanks you Chris, Instead an app where if you push a button it sends me directly to the whastapp chat I want

Hello David, that should be a separate Topic. There is an extension to run WhatsApp but because of WhatsApp own security rules, you cannot be taken to a specific chat automatically.

You may be able to launch WhatsApp without an Extension. In designer, User Interface Palette, drag a Notifier component and from the Connectivity Palette, drag an Activity Starter.


I do not know if this works in Android 10+


Thanks you, I tried with an extension and I almost solved it

Can I do it with some extensions? If so with which one?

You could try this (scroll to the bottom of the page):


...and this:


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