Publishing new release for API 33

Hi, I have to update my app for API 33 so I just changed the VersionCode and VersionName, deleted the Keystore (as I understand that Google Play generates its own key) and built an .aab file. I'm assuming this version will automatically be API 33 compliant, or to I have to do something else (I saw a thread about going to a test site to target api 31)?

But when I upload the .aab file I get the message that the app bundle is signed with the wrong key. I thought deleting the keystore would delete the key and GooglePlay would generate it's own key which it would use.

When I originally published I had deleted the keystore first, and didn't know where to get the key that GooglePlay generated, so didn't keep a copy.

From where should I have obtained the original key?


If you deleted, then only new one can be obtained,

You can't get the same key,

Connect Google Play customer support.

Correct (so you increase it by at least 1; the VersionName is optional)

(Hopefully you have backed up your old keystore beforehand.)

Ok, and you will still need the keystore created in this way for your updates. If you delete it without backing it up first, it will be lost forever.

Thanks for replying,

I'm still no clearer now than when I originally published my app in 2022. If I deleted the keystore (as per some online instruction) before building the .abb and uploading it to GooglePlay what keystore is used?
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If you did not make note of your Keystore for your Project, you did something similar to forgetting to number your cards with App Inventor. If you do not know your original Keystore and want to republish, you are still picking up cards. An impossible task. Just recompile your Project and republish it with another name and you should be fine, just not able to update your fun, published Project.

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So you deleted your old (original) keystore without backing it up first, right?
If so, you can ask Google to assign you a new one.

Request upload key reset - screenshot

Uploading the app to the Play Store under a different package name as a new app is of course not a really helpful option.

Thanks for the tip, but it looks like I need some source coding info to fill out their form and the file extensions don't seem to match MIT AI's .keystore, so not sure how i would get the new one into my app. Am I missing something?