Publish an app made in app inventor

I am about to finsih my first app and i am eager to publish i to other people. I dont know where to go after the app is finished in ui and logic. I know i need to test it on different mobile screens but besides that what do you suggest before going to google play?

See point 2 here


This is completely new so a i must do it the hard way. Where do i start?

You start at point 2, which is

  1. Apps that were published in the Play Store after July 31, 2021 must use AABs and also Google App Signing. To test such apps in advance, you should always have an APK generated from the bundle (AAB).
    To do this,
  • upload the AAB to the Play Store as an internal test track and then
  • download the general APK generated afterwards and
  • test this APK on your own test devices.
  • In addition, you should always wait for the Pre-launch report, which can find discrepancies and bugs that you yourself have overlooked.
    None of my apps have ever been published without at least 1 Pre-launch report.


See also the official documentation

However here a note about aab's is missing... @ewpatton


thank you very much