Publication error in Gallery: "Apps with extensions cannot be uploaded to the Gallery"

I’m not able to publish my application, the message below appears, how do I resolve it?
Apps with extensions cannot be uploaded to the Gallery

This is correct. You cannot upload an aia project to the gallery if it contains an extension.

Have a go at re-writing your project without the extension, if there is a way ?

Hi everyone, i’ve the same problem but i haven’t any extension in my project!
I’ve tried to: copy the project, export and re-import the aia file… But always the same mistake.
Please help!

Try this … Problem with the BluetoothLE extension blocks
It should cover whatever extension residue you have.

I’ve tried this, but i haven’t found any residue… But tanks everyway.

I was thinking of an AI2 bug, can it be?

Please export your project and post it here.

Hi! Sorry, today i’ve opened the gallery and… i’ve found all the projects tried to publish! So when i publish it there is the extension error, but the project is published in any case… Ok, I don’t understand why but it is published.

Yes, is published but the icon?
This is:
I’m very confused… In the ai2 home page the project is marked with not published, in the gallery searching this project there is, in my profile page there isn’t projects… I have to report this problem, in my opinion the ai2 server got high or something went wrong, goodbye and thanks for supporting me!