Public and private feed section for social media app

Hello, I'm working on a social media app that allows users to create posts in the feed section, which is functioning well. However, I want to add a feature that allows users to view their own posts in a dedicated section and delete those posts. When a user deletes their post, it should be removed from both the public and private feeds. Is there any tutorial or documentation available on how to achieve this? Here's a reference for what I'd like to implement. I need help. Thank you.

How are you posting (a Web component ??) to the Internet?

Depending on actually how you post your feed and where you post, perhaps How to: use the CloudDB as a News Feed to inform members of your group

or (newbie) Live news reel feed in APP - #2 by SteveJG

I am using CloudDB as the database and a ListView to display the details entered by the user.