pTxCharacteristic string not appearing on MIT

Hi, so I am currently working on a project that uses pTxCharacteristic to transmit data to MIT using ESP32C3. I have 5 of them, 4 are working while 1(pTxCharacteristic4) is not. I had checked everything and it seemed right. Not sure where I went wrong.

Attached are my codes for arduino and MIT (Heartrate Monitor screen). Can someone help me check where I may have possibly went wrong? Thank you.

BLE BPM AND DHT11 2.3 US.ino (6.8 KB)

IRP_MiniProject_2.aia (2.1 MB)

Hello goosebells, welcome to the forum.

Clearly, you are doing something right with 4 of the 5 data items working.

  1. Does the pTxCharacteristic4 display on the Arduino Serial Monitor?
  2. Do the 5 values exceed the Bluetooth byte limit per data packet?

Hi, yes the pTxCharacteristic4 value is displayed on the Arduino serial monitor. However, i'm guessing it exceeded the bluetooth byte limit but i'm not sure how to check if it actually did. Do you know a way to check it?

Does the ESP32C3 have built-in BLE? I'm not familiar with it. If so, there will be a specification document that states the MTU default or limit. There could be a difference between the two, in which case the App can request an MTU increase in size.

However, if the values being sent run to several decimal places, you can simply reduce them. Also, if you are sending IDs/Titles for the values, scrap that because the App can apply them.

Can't see anything particularly wrong with your files - though I can't compile the script on the Arduino Cloud, it rejects your includes.

However, using delay() in the loop() can cause issues. I don't know if it is in your case but if you can't fix the issue, I suggest you try adding a string Characteristic and send all 5 values like so: "val0|val1|val2|val3|val4" (Comment-out the delays).