Proposed Extension : Firebase extension with persistant login


I discovered that firebase token is active only for an hour. The user has to log in again. Its an issue many "tinkerers", and enthusiasts like myself might be facing.

Is it possible to create a Firebase extension ( firebase authentication) that helps us to create account, sign in with the ability to log out/ Sign out when then user logs out instead of automatically logging out after one hour. (by using refresh token? i believe)

eg, facebook, once logged in , the user stays logged in till s/he logs out.

I would like this extension, so I am willing to contribute some sponsorship for developing it. I am sure it would help a lot of us.

I know that its not an impossible problem to solve.

Thanks. Hoping use this extension very soon.

why don't you use a web component.
check this might help :

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You should be able to sign in (re-sign in) silently in the background every 45 minutes or so, to keep a user logged in. Try it and let us know how this works.

Also there is no REST api Sign Out method, you have to use the method in the link provided above with a webviewer and html. It is peculiar to/of Firebase to not provide a sign out method.......

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Hello Tim.
I Tim, I tried to "re-sign in, in the background" as you suggested and its working :slight_smile: Yay.
Re-signing in with the timer. My purpose is fulfilled.

I think I was thinking "refresh token" because I saw it in the extension and didnt think of this, just signing in. Delighted.

Thank you.

Good news and good to know.

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I also found this over on Kodular, which auto logins a user who returns to the app:

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