Proposal: App Inventor Debug Mode

Sometimes apps get really big and it makes harder to debug the problem, the runtime errors in application does not include much info.

here is a small project im working on that adds a "debug mode" to the application.


So whenever the mode is enabled, it makes it a little easier to debug and locate problems.
it can be enabled / disabled just like debug mode in android studio.


For example, in the above procedure, the "procedureAddNames" causes errors.
and it can be traced easily through the debug feature:

so in large apps, it would be very beneficial :slight_smile:,

It would print all the traces where the error has occurred (procedure names), it would be also possible to add support for events, etc :grin:

So I would like to hear your thoughts about it and how it can be better.


That looks great. So to see the errors you have to use adb? It is not possible to get the info in a kind of read-only terminal at the bottom of the block editor for instance? It could be a setting to hide or show that terminal.

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the traces are written to the logs, but yes we can improve it.

That is a great idea, I had a similar plan but I do not have idea about appinventor graphical interface (how it works) :sweat_smile:

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here is UI of wxbit, it has a debug panel, it can hold all the do it output, any error message.
Click the error message, will high light the block which cause this error.


Wow, that is a great thing, never knew about it :wink:
Maybe we can do something similar, like displaying the output directly to the do-it result.


vknow360 did have a LogReader extension but it seems to have disappeared.

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It is here

taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


It is actually quite different, you are limited to only track normal errors, errors caused by appinventor blocks cannot be traced.