Property setter was expecting a

When I upload this app with these codeblocks, there was a problem when I downloaded this app that I should have ended this application. Why could it happen and could you give me the photos of the coding blocks? And I want the bullet can shoot the alien ship 1 by 1. What should I do?

Somewhere the blocks are expecting an image/image component.

Provide your aia project here.

From you updated screenshot:


you are trying to set X and Y to a list, not values

It went failed

See my updated post above

so what should i do to set the values?

Do you need to select an item from the global enemy list ?

Here it is. Look at the variable

Then no.

You need to provide numeric values for X and Y.

so what kind of blocks should i add or something else

It look like you want to use "other" instead of "global enemey list" ?

Does that work ?

yeah thx

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