Proper way to shut down app inventor and build server on Windows install?

OK. I’ve now got my App Inventor and Build Server up and running on port 8888. What’s the best way to end the session and stop them from running?

I’ve used Control C for the App Inventor instance but cant seem to stop build server without getting a warning that processes are running.

The buildserver takes 10 seconds to spin down, so if you’ve killed the previous one and immediately try to start a new one, the old process might still be living for a couple seconds. Killing the dev server with ^C should stop it immediately.

If you’re on Windows, there are also issues where killing the scripts doesn’t kill the child processes they spawn, so you have to either kill the java.exe processes via the Task Manager or kill them at the command prompt/powershell.

Control C kills App Inventor at localhost:8888 but does nothing to the running Buildserver. I’ve tried every key combination. I usually just end up restarting Windows but I’m wondering if this is corrupting the Buildserver somehow…

The buildserver stores no state, so it doesn’t hurt to restart your computer, but it is a bit of a sledgehammer. If the build server doesn’t quit after ten seconds of pressing Ctrl+C, you could use the Windows Task Manager to stop the Java process. That will save you from having to restart the whole computer. Others in the community who use Windows might have advice to offer as well.