Projekt Coin Press help

I have written a program with which a plant can press different colored tops and bottoms together.
I would now like to pass the values I have written in the button 9 to the website.

Coin Press.txt (7.5 KB)
Here is the code of the website.
In my opinion I should somehow manage to pass the value stored in button 10 to the website with the command "M_HMI_Button_Order".

Is there a way to implement that?

You have not created a website Benjamin. You created an app that stores login in data to a Firebase database or something else.

Do you want to post global number3 to the firebase data base and then retrieve it?

Code similar to this FirebaseCode

might work depending on what you actually intend to do . You first must store the value to the database (I assume you use a Tag number3Value). Then you have to retrieve the number3 value.

See this tutorial by Romin showing how Firebase can work.

Or, does the value need to be posted on a real website? Then you will need the Web component and a better explanation about what you expect to happen.

I would like to send the data to a certain website that I have posted above. With the value I have marked.

Hello Benjamin

You posted blocks for an app that uses Firebase . Is that what you mean by sending data to a certain website?

If you mean post the value to Firebase, the code in post #2 should help you. What did you try?

If you want to post to an online web page instead, this advice from Taifun might help

Actually this txt contains html code that result to ...

Do you want to load this in your app ?

That is exactly what the website is. Here you can combine the different colors like in the app and send a print job. Now I would like to get the app to send this job via the website.