Projects not loading into iPhone

Hi all,
I just downloaded the APP for iOS from the store (I have an XS iPhone with iOS 14.2), but I'm not able to run any project on it, everytime I see a loading bur but then it stucks at the end and nothing happens ... ;-(

How to go on?

Another thing is that in the APP I see "IP Address: error" and "Version: 2.60 build 8), if this helps.


Is your iPhone connected to Wifi? If you're seeing an error regarding the IP address that typically indicates the app cannot determine what the IP address of the Wifi network is. This information is needed to help your browser session find the iPhone.

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@ewpatton many many thanks, it works :wink:

now I have to adjust screen and small things, thanks !

Thanks for letting us know. If you encounter any bugs please report them here so we can make sure they are logged and tracked in our system.