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Hi everyone,

I have developed a quite big AI2 project with now ~12.000 blocks and I have still so many new ideas to build into it.
Problem is that my project is now very slow.
I have already searched a lot here whether something can get improved.
I am using Firefox already, all blocks are always collapsed and I have tried to make some coding smarter.
But if I want to go on with my project, I might end up with 20.000 blocks...

I was wondering: Is it not somehow possible that I convert some procedures into coding (I tried it with the old AI2 bridge, which kind of worked) and provide only the simple code into my AI2 project - and at the same time I delete the original blocks so that my project gets smaller?

Or any other idea?

Bottomline I feel quite stuck, as my project is almost not maintanable anymore. But I have invested so much time into my project already and do not know how to exit this performance limitation that AI2 seems to have in webbrowsers.

Thanks for any hints in advance,

Maybe you can tell something about your project. Maybe we can come up with ideas to reduce the number of blocks.

Do you have a lot of blocks containing data that could also be put inside a csv for instance.

@Peter I have texts already outsourced to a csv file.
No, my problem is: All those 12.000 blöocks are logic and not even redundant.

That's a lot of logic. :wink: What kind of logic are we talking about? Can you show some examples of the blocks.

Consider breaking the project up into separate projects linked at run time by Activity Starter.

Hi @ABG interesting. But would that mean that my App would be split into several APKs then?
Or how would I build ONE app APK that calls the blocks of other AI2 Projects?
KR, Oliver

@Peter not sure what you want to hear? My app calls a website, makes screenscraping, stores values in tinyDB, shows them in a TableArragement, can upload files to a FTP server and much more.
As I said I don't see that anything would be redundant, and even if I was able to sort out ~2.000 blocks, I feel very much delimited by AI2 performance now.
Any technical idea? I was thinking of artifically working with more than 1 screen (currently everthing is in 1 screen)

FYI, this is how my Blocks section of the screen1 looks like:

See the first sample at

You would have to pass your environment values and parameters packaged up into a JSON string, and decode it all on arrival into the other app.

@ABG , ok, thank you, but that would mean: If I split my currently ONE app into several projects, I would need to build each project into a app (APK) and therefore the user would need to install several apps on his device (not only ONE!), right?
Those installed apps I could let communicate with each other on user's android phone.

right. (shrug)

This might be regarded as a selling point, like the freemium pricing model.

Hi guys,
I wanterd to share a finding I have today regarding my issue:
It is the (comparably weak) CPU of my private PC that creates my performance problem.
I opened my AI2 project today on my business laptop with a quite good i5 CPU and it runs absolutely smooth on that laptop!
So it is not the AI2 MIT website that has a problem with my 12.000 blocks, it is my 5 years old private PC!
Therefore I will upgrade my private hardware soon!
Thanks for your hekp anyway!
KR, Oliver

So in the end it was not AI2 :wink: Great you got it solved.

Get a lot of RAM.
You will need it.

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