Project [Peico]: Making an URL shorter!

Hi, today I completed my project URL shortener made from scratch and completely free. But it may have limitations. @Hrichik_Mazumder and I are the developers of this project.

To generate a shortened URL then please navigate to

To do the same thing in the app, then scroll below.

Here to store the information or redirects, we've used Google sheets. There are some limits to this but it's for learning purpose.

Here's how it all works:

When you click the submit button, a random tag is generated that works as the id of the redirect for example:<TAG>

Next, the tag and the long URL are posted to the scripts on Google scripts, which edit the data in Google sheets. If the script returns "200" as the result (response) means the process is completed.

The same thing applies to the application.

When the user visits the short URL, then the server-side reads the tag and gives the original URL and redirected.

All the scripts excluding keys are in the GitHub repo below

Download AIA file: Project - Shortner

The application is made possible by:

  • @Taifun
    • Taifun Clipboard extension

To view the original URL using the tag, then access them with any of the below:<TAG><TAG><TAG>


This project is made out of free resources :blush:

Feel free to report any bugs or issues faced!


To which script do you need to paste the address in the script variable? To make it work in the app.


You need to put of google scripts which can be found here:

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Instead you can also put the default URL.

Post: Here is the URL
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great it works!!

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it shortened the url correctly can you also explain how to expand the url??

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Wow Nice Guide @Kumaraswamy :star_struck: :partying_face:

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Yea It can be done by making some changes.

The service is at a short break and soon be available. This is to redirect faster.

I am really appreciating you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:, How are you programming this much(extension, java projects etc). You are really cool @Kumaraswamy :+1:


Update 1.1

  • Improved redirecting. Now pages will be redirected faster than before with the conent being displayed.
  • Improved code writing.

Note: Clear the caches if you're using in PC
You can use the service as before

It is clever stuff.

Any reason why i should consider using this method, instead of well known url shorteners like tinyurl or bitly ? ( I still mourn the demise of the google url shortener :frowning: )

Actually, it's better to go with shorteners like tinyurl and bitly because they are stable and maintained all time. The reason to consider this may be for learning and the knowledge/experience we get in it and happiness :slightly_smiling_face:.

Just for information, the project is hosted in verel which is free to do and live almost all the time.

I even did not had the opportunity to use it before it was closed. :confused:

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Why make it open source if you're going to obfuscate the code?

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Yes sorry. But yesterday I had rewritten the code and uploaded it again. I forgot to change it in the file, I did it in HTML :sweat_smile:.

Update 1.2

  • Improved code writing along with user experience in mobiles (website) with other UI improvements
  • Slight changes done

Note: Clear the caches if you're using in PC
You can use the service as before

Is there any application for a URL shortener other than handing out the shortened URLs in print, say on a business card?


Sorry, I don't understand you?

Do you mean to manage shortened URLs in the app?

What tends to be the problem with very long urls is people send them by email, the url then gets broken up into pieces which the recipient then has to put back together. Short/simple urls do not suffer in the same way.