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Hello all,
Im try make simple extension,His name is Simple Parallex.

I want make similiar function like this..

But is still not worked :sweat_smile:

My Test


Im Open this project here,Maybe anybody have time to fix :grin:
I get reference soure from StackOverflow

Source Github

Last build AIX io.kangris.parallax.aix (6,3 KB)

Nt: Im so sorry for my english :pray:


@Andres_Cotes did a similar extension, maybe he could take a look

By the way, if I understood correctly, could the horizontal arrangement have elements? Or just an image?

Actualy,i want make more an element...
no just an image...
for sample just image/picture..

hi did you make a fix of your parallax? I one posted I tried, it does not work, warning comes with cannot accept the arguments [empty string] etc...