Project disappeared overnight

Hi, My apps disappeared overnight .... is there any way to recover them. I have it running on my Galaxy note 10 smartphone, but i would like the project back as I am not finished with it yet

Hello Charlie,

I have assigned your topic to the App Inventor team. Hopefully, they can recover your lost projects.

Thank you, Gordon.
I have recovered an aia copy I had saved earlier on my pc, so it is not a complete disaster.

That's something you should do regularly. Save regular backups of your project in case it suddenly gets corrupted.

True, that.
The issue I was working on is that the APP works well on AI-companion, but has issues when loaded as an apk.
It is comunicating via BT with an ESP-32. In the apk version, I don't get the drop-down list of available devices when needing to connect to the ESP - but do get it when using the companion.
anyway, thanks for your help.

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