Project blocked..."Internal server error... Exception caught: (TypeError) : Cannot read property 'Be' of null"

Good evening, I was working on my project...I've delete a variable and change some blocks when this error appear.

After this error i cannot open anymore screen "InsertData" blocks (where i was made the variations) and my browser is like that

If I try to push at any component in the right list, a similar bug lime the first appear but change the reason

Someone may help me?

I've Exported my pojects and reimported via i'm able to enter in the "InsertData" page but often with error....i've seen this particularity...

There is a system to change the page name into right bar?
Or I must Copy/Paste the page and delete it ?


Regarding the Screen issue, manually select the Screen after pressing #1. When using the emulator you must change the Screen to see it. The screen does not change automatically in Design mode.

@SteveJG your solution doesn't work for me....

OK...I've solve it...I've open my AIA file, I went to src file and open InserData.scm....I've changed:



Imported into AI and.....OLEEEEEEEEE....TY ALL

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