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Hello all,

I would like to make an app that has different contents for 7 days.
So I would like to set the first day opening the app as day1, showing day 1 content to users; then the following day as day 2, showing the day 2 content and so on...
May I ask for the blocks for doing this? Thank you very much

You can use the date blocks, to capture the current date
It includes days of week too

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How about if i'm doing a 10 days app, that i cannot use the day of week as a reference? Thank you

You can always use the date tracking option.
Say you would like to start the cycle at the 1st of every month and at the 10th, that can be quite easily done using the date tracker

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Tell us more about the "date tracking option"....

Extremely sorry!
I meant the date picker

The label.Text in this sample has the day number, starting from 1.

days_from_first_run.aia (2.9 KB)

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