Programming doubts (using a TinyDB to save a transparent image)

Possibly this extension may help ?

ok I have moved everything from the inventor app here. The problem is that when I get into blocks I don't understand anything that it says

I do not understand what you have moved from where, or why.....

I have just run a quick test on @Jarlissonlira2 's extension and it appears to do what you want, which is to overlay an image on another app....


You will need to work on the x/y coordinates to get the protractor centred on your screen (use screen width and height and image width and height to figure this out), and you have to compile in order for it to work (will not work in companion)

This should centre your protractor on the screen


If it doesn't work, you may need to use a clock to give the screen time to get its own size, possibly only @ 250ms needed

Where do i download?

It is in the link above

OK, I've made a lot of progress. The only problems there are: I can't touch anything if the image is in front, and 2, that the protactor isn't fixed

You will need to see what you can do with the settings for the overlay component. I set the clickable to true and made the component hide on click, maybe different settings will allow what you want?

Just given this some more thought. Perhaps create a floating "mini app" - an arrangement with buttons and the image inside it, all of which are floated. You can then interact with the app / image. You might want to put the image in a canvas to make it draggable.

Ok, I've been doing some Gameplays with him so it's more or less okay. The biggest problem is the fact that the camera moves on the y-axis and not on the x-axes so the character moves off the screen. On the other hand, in some modes in which it is survival, this app works. and the buttons work inside the protactor which is weird. The only problem is the one I said before and the fact that I need 2 buttons to activate and deactivate. Since I want to deactivate / activate this operation in a single button.

I would also like to thank you for helping me

You can use a single button for two actions, using an if/else block. On click change the button text to the other action, then test for this text on the button, if it isn't this text then do the other action, changing the text on the button accordingly. Something like this:


Thank I want to thank you for helping me in this project, I would not have finished it without you.