Programmer les touches du clavier

hello please how can i programm direction keyboard key (les touches de direction clavier ) with appinventor?
thx a lot

Android devices usually do not have a keyboard, so there are no built in methods available to do that…
there might be an extension available?
see the extensions directory here


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Are you referring to the Button TouchDown and TouchUp event blocks?

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Yes i mean exactly this


Indicates that the Button was pressed down.


Indicates that the Button has been released.

Dsl,mais Non moi je veux programmer les fleches de clavier du pc et non pas manipulerles boutons dans le pg (avec appknventor)

Translated from fr by Yandex
Dsl,but Not me, I want to set the arrow of the pc keyboard and not manipulerles buttons in the pg (with appknventor)

it would help to use a spell checker for better understanding... the most people here do not understand french... you might want to elaborate about what exactly you are talking...



I sayed that i want to know how to program this event by appinventor

The event is :when i press in keyboard key

It is ok now?

What kind of keyboard are you talking about? See my first answer...

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Keyboard of computer

See again my first answer


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Thx a lot my best friend

Il n’est pas possible de le faire à partir de AI2, mais vous pouvez installer un clavier francais sur votre mobile ou allemand, ou bulgarien…
Alors votre question serait probablement: Comment changer la langue le clavier avec AI2? How to change the keyboard layout to another language code like french or other avec AI2?
Je doute si cela sera possible facilement, mais essayez: