Programmable keyboard

Hi guys!

Is there anyone who programmed a programmable keyboard for an android phone?

If yes what device did you use and able to connect to your android phone.

Thank you very much.

You mean a hardware keyboard?
You can create a keyboard with Arduino and Bluetooth or with Arduino and the Serial extension via USB/OTG cable.

Okay, well I'm.not sure it is possible but I want to write a program where when I press a button on the keyboard then play a sound via the not sure is understandable I wrote.

Do you think is it possible?

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The previous example deals with the fact that when a key is pressed, information is sent via Bluetooth to the application and it displays an image.
Your application would be that when pressing a key a sound sounds.

Here is a conversation from the old forum about someone interfacing a MIDI keyboard . That sounds similar to what you want to do.

Or that might be adapted for Android devices.

An extension for playing MIDI files ? [ALPHA] MIDI Player Extension - Testers Needed

These examples do not use hardware. They play sounds using the Android as a key board. What is shown might be useful to you.

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