Profile with saved information


I need my app to work on a login system.
Basically when entering the user and password in, the saved information from user should come up.

This not really the issue, the issue is, I want user to beable to login from any phone with my app.

Two different phones same profile when logged in.

Due to my app Basically runs via Google sheet I don't have alot to safe for user profile. (Some textboxes and a listview)

I was thinking of using a DB or CloudDB and then use tags to save information.

Is this possible and good idea?
Or is there a better solution :thinking:

Many thanks

Why not use Google Sheets to handle your logins?


Will likely be using your recommendation but then how do I pull up the user's saved information then?

I want user to login on any phone and get their saved information.

I guess I can use cloudDB tags but this means I will need to match tags to passwords and which makes things even more difficult.

This is what I am trying to do:

Phone 1

  1. Sign up user
  2. Login
  3. type in a text box "Hello how you?"
  4. Logout

Phone 2
1)Login (user already registered on phone 1)
2) text box should say "Hello how you?"
3) Logout

The whole idea regarding this all is because I don't want users to loose very saved information if their phones breaks.
They can retain the information again from another phone by just logging in.

Why would you do that if all the data is in your google sheet ?

You can add as much information as you like to a user's profile in the google sheet, and call it all back when a user registers/logs in. You just have to modify the google apps script to handle the additional data.


you been very helpful.
You mentioned "modify the google apps script to handle the additional data"

Do you mean the actual script or the blocks.
I have been trying to google the listview script but no luck.
Maybe you can advise where to look or help out somehow, seeing MIT is all about learning.

I want to use the users listview info, store it and then retain when they log in. (send to listview again)

Thank you again

I mean the actual google apps script (although you will probably have to modify your blocks as well)

The example I linked to currently sets name,email, password and phone. You would need to send more parameters for more info in your profile if you want it.

Similarly, the login currently only returns the user's name, you would need to add more data to the return if you want it.

Hi again,

Please let me know if I do go off topic as it is important to stay on topic for others help if needed.

I was thinking to not change the script to help with listview as I do not know where to start with script change even.
I was thinking to keep your recommendation on the login system but add a tag textbox for the listview and use the tag to safe my listview info in CloudDB.

Do you think this will work, seeing cloudDB gets store on mit server?

Example: username and password will be connected to a tag to retain the listview info.

Honest opinion :blush:

Messy !!

What profile information do you want to store and retrieve for each user?

I have a google sheet with team names and images of the teams on which I converted to a listview. (I have teams on google sheet because it is easier to change info or update info of the team on google sheet and then app will atomically update in a second or two)

User will select a team or teams from the Team listview and this team will go into their profiles listview.

This is why I want to store the listview info of the user and retain it when they logged in.

I have try to convert listview to textbox and store the textbox to google sheet but then to reverse back into listview makes things hard because there is no set number of teams in each user profile. (Listview will be showing Image and text)

Due to the blocks of the login system only display one column and i need username and password, I have made username a selection option and then used password textbox matching password textbox for the app to confirm it is correct user.

However, it will be ideal to not have a user selection option and instead to have a user textbox and login button.

Please advise if possible


I am using your recommended login system.

Having problem with update selection.
The login system request me to update all my textboxes. I want textboxes to be optinal for users.

If they only want to change their username or password and nothing else.

Can you please help, the blocks the same as recommended system.

You will most likely need a CRUD system for this.

See here

Thanks, will try it later. :grinning:

Apologies but I am actually using the Crud system

Good, then you should be able to update a value on your spreadsheet from your app.

I can update, no problem.

But forces me/user to change name.
If i don't change anything and only change one thing (example date of birth) then says this ID exists already.

Then you do not have CRUD :wink:

I have noticed the problem was on my side.
Because the login usernames all goes to a lsitview from googlesheet and works on selection option only, I needed to do something so the listview gets atomically selected.

I made the google sheet to search username and put the user details at the top on the listview.

All of this did not work.. :frowning:

Still need a login system with password where I can load users details and update as needed.

Perhaps see here for a different CRUD example