Procedures not working

I want to run the code as written in the button block when the button is clicked. I having some similar function buttons, so I created a procedure that having the same function, but the button not working when I clicked it. Am I using the procedure the wrong way?

I think the problem is within those blocks.

Replace those blocks with these if you are using once only:


Are book1Lb, book1Lp and book1Qty labels?

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If Lp, Lb and Qty are labels, you can use this:

No, book1Lb and book1Qty are labels, but book1Lp is listPicker. This procedure will be used repeatedly, but still thanks for your reply. Thank you very much :wink: :pray:

It works, thank you :+1:! but why? I mean this solution state the same meaning as mine, but in a different way and yours solution is working. So what is the logic in this case? :thinking:

These blocks belong to the 'Any Component' block, which are not specific blocks. For example, the following set of blocks are equivalent to each other.

Set the text of the component in the socket of component() to the text in the socket to ().

In my procedure, the parameters/variables represent the components.

Understood, thank you very much! :pray:

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