Problems with Uploading Images

Students are having problems with uploading images. Whenever they click on upload file, the box for choosing their files on their laptops do not work.
I have been teaching appInventor for a while and I never had this problem before.
Can someone help me out?

Marcos Teixeira from the American School of The Hague

Hi @Marcos_Teixeira Welcome to Community,

This is strange. :thinking:

I also haven't faced this issue.
Can you ask them to show a video recording of what is actually happening there?

I did myself on their laptops. Nothing opens up!

There's possibility that the browser doesn't allow file access.
You can upload files by dragging them to assets manager too.


They use Chrome. Other students in the same class do not have the problem. Weird!

That's really weird!
But since I am unable to reproduce the issue on my system so I can only suggest to try with the server.

Also having problems this morning. Students can upload images, but they do not appear on the screen. Just a broken image icon.

Hey guys,

I did ask the students to try SAFARI instead, and then it worked. I believe it's a Google Chrome issue.

Thank you so much for your help!


It's a MacBook? That might just be the root cause...

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Is that a facetious comment, or do you have a reason / some evidence that having a Macbook is causing the problem?

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Didn't mean to be frivolous, sorry. I've had some experience with MacBooks myself, and App Inventor randomly doesn't want to connect at some times. No compilation/runtime errors seemed to appear, which was a bit strange.

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