Problems with permissions, Error 908: The permission Write_External_Storage has been denied

I have created an APP with which I can upload images to my server via FTP.

Works great in companion mode. But as an APK I always get: "Error 908: The permission Write_External_Storage has been denied"

I made a new app. This should only take a photo and display it. But the same error message appears.

When I open the app for the first time, I give permission to access photos and videos and to access the storage.

The tutorials don't work either.

Please help me!!


which Android version are you using for your tests?

this is a known bug in the current release together with setting DefaultFileScope = App in the screen properties...

as workaround set it to Legacy to store the taken image in the ASD of the app...

see also


Thanks very much! Rookie mistake!

Works perfect!
thanks Taifun

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