Problems with links in CustomWebView

Hi, friends,
I have used CustomWebView to try to open links to pages or files.
I want that when I click on a link like the ones on this example page ( ), the links work like in a browser.
I have activated "FollowLinks" and "DeepLinks" and have tried various events like OnDownloadNeeded or OnNewWindowRequest and combinations of blocks without success
Can someone show me how to do it? I do not know what to do.
I attach the .aia and the blocks of it.

CustomWebViewr.aia (67.9 KB)

Two of my failed attempts


You can't create more than 1 webview with an id.It should be unique.


Hello, based on your comments I have done some unsuccessful tests.
What blocks do you think I should use to get it?
I attach captures.



I would like to emphasize two points here:

  1. New window loaded can be only loaded in a different webview
  2. LoadInNewWindow method is used to send window request to that 'different' webview
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I understand, so this option is correct? What new event or blocks do I need, since it doesn't work?


You should change language of the blocks.


Of course.

You still haven't followed my advice of using LoadInNewWindow block.
isPopup param is not true most of the time.


Hello, first of all thank you very much for your help.
I've been trying to solve the problem for two more days but without success.
I put some blocks with the LoadOnNewWindow as you advised me.
Finally I have added two events, one for when it asks me to simply open a new window for the link and another for when it asks me to open a window for the download. And for each of them a new web viewer.
I hope I haven't made it worse.
I await your advice.

  • id returned is an Integer.
  • Setting properties before creating any webview will go in vein

Hi Sunny, I tried your solution and it worked when I finally gave permissions to the app (I had to do it manually though).
The blocks work (at least for downloads) so I close this query and open another one for the matter of permissions, so as not to mix concepts.
Thank you!

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