Problems with hangman game

Trying to help a student find the most efficient way to create the hangman app he has started. Need to check for letter in word, place in correct position and have it remain when other letters are guessed. Any feedback would be appreciated

Hangman (1) (1).aia (36.0 KB)

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The link you have posted is of no use to anyone other than you/your student.

If you want to share, then export the aia project and post it here.

I will edit your title to something more meaningful...

Thanks! I added file.

Your .aia attachment upload failed.

In the meantime, here is a sample app and doc ...

Thank you! I believe I fixed the upload.

Some general observations on the blocks ...

You can reuse a single Image component by switching its Picture file name.

The game is easier to code if everything is upshifted to caps.

You don't need a Clock Timer to check results, since the Submit button Click event is a good place to do that.

You could upload word lists under various categories in the Media folder and load them by category file name. Split at \n to turn a text list to an AI2 list.
Choose the category from a List Picker and add .txt to get a file name to load.
(keep the file names consistent with the List Picker Elements.)

My doc covers everything else you would need.

Thank you again!