Problems with emulator launching to test code


I work alongside of our digital curriculum coaches in K-12 IT Setting. Our students are using 32 bit Chrome OS devices C202S. When we have our students try to test the code the Emulator will not run? Now we have an intermittent issue of Projects not being able to upload or Download to use it.

What is the best device/architecture for MIT app Inventor to run the best? Also we have pushed the app out through Google Workspace.

Thank you all for your time!

This stuff might help Drew

Use Companion with a real Android cell phone or tablet. If you cannot do that use a Windows PC or Mac where the emulator's are more stable than on Chromebooks.

Thanks, SteveJG

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It is worth clarifying that the emulator package that is published on our website does not run on Chromebooks. When people test with Chromebooks, they are doing so using Chromebooks that also support running Android apps. However, this requires that if the school manages the Chromebooks that they have enabled Android app support. For older devices, Google publishes a compatibility list here of Chromebooks that support this feature. Of course, the best experience still tends to be using a dedicated Android device since they often have features, sensors, etc. that can't be used in an emulated environment.