Problems with checking values with sha256 encrypting

When I try to compare the password to the encrypted password in firedb It dosent recognize it even tho I have the same value

The problem video to demonstrate -

Blocks -

Extension for encrypting -

Thanks In advance

google drive is still processing It might not show directly

I notice when you get a taglist, you look to see if the username from the textbox is in the list, without downcasing the input to the is_in_list block.

So If the user capitalized his name, it will fail the is_in_list test if you store downcased tags in FireBase.

No when I get the value I am using downcased letters

yeah you are right But when I am testing I am using a text which has no capital letters

If you copy incoming tags, taglists, and values to global variables, they will be available for Do It diagnosis.

P.S. FirebaseDB also has a place in their developer website where you can browse the contents of your database.

Look for surprises there.

Yeah I even tried do it I set a var to the sha256 encrypted value and it is similar to the one in the firedb so I dont know why when I try to login it dosent regonize

Please see the video I have also shown the problem there It will explain the problem better than I can with text

Try if you have the same issue with this extension:
Sha-512.aix (4.6 KB) │ → just created, not yet published

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this is the 3rd thread with the same question...
the answer is here

PS: thread closed