Problems with changing image file type from .png to .jpg


For my project, I need image files taken with the camera to be converted to .jpg format.
For this purpose, I'm using this convertor extension (Extension to convert image format from jpg to png).
However, after converting the image, it does not appear to exist at the specified location.
These are the relevant blocks:

Both "exists" calls return false.

The extension description makes it seem like converting in both ways is possible. Is that not the case?

Any help or suggestions on other ways to convert the file would be greatly appreciated.

The images taken by the camera are actually jpg files, but due to a bug introduced in n188 release are named png. All you need to do is change the extension from .png to .jpg.

This procedure will help you to do that

you can simplify for your needs....

This one just returns true/false


Thank you! I was not aware of that bug.

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