Problems with Carlos Pedroza' SQLite extension

Hi All,

I used to use SQLite extension from Carlos Pedroza and always worked for me. But now I am trying to create tables with this extension and when I try it the Companion crashes and close.

Just to be clear: I have created a global with all CREATE TABLEs needed:

And when I try to use this block to execute those CREATE TABLES, it crashes the Companion:


My question is: Has this SQLite extension a new update that I don't know (maybe)? Or have anyone faced this issue?

PS: I didn't test with APK.

Not been updated for six years, and updates are unlikely.

Can you provide an aia project that demonstrates the problem ?

Can you create just one table at a time? If so, you could iterate over the list if the multipleSQL block is not working...

i tried this and the result was the same crash.

For personal reasons, I would like to send you privately, because is a project for one of my clients.

I have it up and running here. Can you provide a create sql statement you are using to create a table (in text) ?

CREATE TABLE usuarios ('login' TEXT PRIMARY KEY, 'pswd' TEXT, 'descricao' TEXT, 'nome' TEXT, 'cd_equipe' TEXT, 'descricao' TEXT);

This was used in an old project and was working... but in my new project it doesn't.

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This returns "Invalid SQL statement" for me.

hmmm but why?

I'm not going to flog a dead horse....

Perhaps try:

Taifun SQLite (Paid)

SimpleSQLite (Free)

You should get all the support you need for both :wink:

It seems to be an error from the command itself.

Ok, thank you for all, my friend. I'll take a look on these options.


Well I discovered the problem. I have to check the option SupressToast from Properties, like this:


Anyway, thanks for all.

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Still doesn't work for me....

CREATE TABLE usuarios (login TEXT, pswd TEXT, descricao TEXT, nome TEXT, cd_equipe TEXT, descricao TEXT, PRIMARY KEY (login));

I changed the command to this and worked.

It was working all the time, just using the wrong event!

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Well, I'm back with more problems with this extension. Just a question: Have you used SQLAddOn from Andres Cotes, together with this SQLite extension? In my project nothing works as expected. I used Notifier blocks to show what is returning from SQLite's extension, everything seems to be ok, but does not execute the INSERT in the SQLite database. Maybe is a good idea to move to another SQLite extension...


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