Problems with App Icon

Hello everyone, I"m having a problem with the icon for an app that I’m building… The icon is a dark, almost black square image but when I add it to the app and then install it on my phone you can see a little bit of white on both the right side and the bottom. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

Originally the image was around 800px x 800px and I had the problem so I tried resizing it to 48px x 48px but that didn’t help.

This is the image file I’m using:
Vega - Icon - 48

And this is a screenshot of my phone:

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See this for more details:

Resize your icon to 192x192 px and it might work Tom. What happens?

800x800 is too large; 48x48 is too small. 48x48 used to work; with adaptive icons now in effect, it no longer is acceptable.

I noticed your Launcher is making all apps icons white circles.

Does this issue occur on all devices?

I would try another Launcher and see what happens.

Thank you for your suggestions everyone, I appreciate it!
Unfortunately, I still can’t get it to look right. I tried a few different icon sizes - 192px and 108px but that didn’t fix anything. I also tried a couple different launchers - Nova and Evie but that didn’t make a difference either so I’m at a loss…

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Worth trying to eliminate the “image”. Try the attached as your app icon


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and it acts in the same way - there’s a little sliver of white on the right and bottom sides.

I'm curious if this issue occurs on all devices.
Have you tried it on any other devices?

No, I don’t have anything else to test it on. Maybe I’ll try an emulator like NOX.

What happens if the original icon size is 576x576?

It still behaves the same way.

What make/model of phone are you using and which version of Android does it run?

I’m using a Moto G6 with Android 9.

I’m not seeing the issue on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Running Android OS v9.0:


It’s strange that it’s working for you and thank you for testing it for me!

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Yes, I think it’s an issue with the device’s DPI. All of the DPI values are powers of two except HDPI and XXHDPI, which are 1.5 and 3, respectively. I think your 1-pixel of white is due to an off-by-one error resulting from a division by an odd number (if it were an even number it would scale accordingly and you wouldn’t get the 1 pixel of white).


Thanks for the explanation. Can you think of anything I can do to fix this?

To fix? No, to ameliorate the halo, you could Invert the image


Not quite the same effect but an might eliminate your white halo as obvious and provide a similar. hopefully pleasing, effect.

I think this is something that we need to correct on our end. My original hypothesis was that using a 576x576 icon would work best as its the least common multiple of all the possible icon sizes (for Android), but because of how the integer math works it ends up still rounding down by a pixel. Using your phone’s specifications the plan is to try and reproduce the issue with the emulator and see if we can fix it.


what about resizing it to 543x543px maybe that would be better :thinking: