App Icon & Size & BackGround

Hi all,

I've some difficulties to get the App icon i wish.
I red a topic discussing about properties of Icons

But really to much technical for a mortal like me :grinning:
My wishes is :expressionless:

  • My icon will be round
  • The background should be transparent
    I got two icon.png files :
    1/ 4096x4096 Transparent

    2 / 512x512 Transparent

    The result (after building the app) :

    How should i do to get an icon uncutted and with a transparent background (not blank) ?
    Thanks for your help

Looks like you need a bigger transparent canvas around your image

Ok, but in order to increase the size of the canvas and keep transparent property i need and icon files editor, any suggestion ? thks

Most image editors will do this.

I use Linux and the Pinta program

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Hi Tim,
Thks for Pinta, i've downloaded it and resize the canvas

that's perfect, my icon is not cutted, but i still have a white background
Do i something wrong ?

I believe how the icon is displayed is android version and device dependent. Someone with more knowledge in this area may be able to add more / say otherwise.